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Clan Rules For Discord And Website

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Welcome to The Peaky Vipers clan discord and website Rules.
This discord server and website  exists to be helpful, fun and allow clan members to find people to play videogames with. In order to ensure this is the case we have established some rules.
1. Age: 18+
2. This discord and website is english only, you are expected to speak/read english well.
3. Be respectful to other clan members. We are here to have fun, let's treat each other as we want to be treated ourselves.
4. Unwanted topics/actions:
- Sexism
- Racism
- Impersonating members, admins or clan leaders
- Flaming/harassment
- Encouragement of illegal activity
- Excessive trolling/spamming
- Using/promoting cheats
- Using/promoting spyware or any other forms of harmfull software
- Advertising any commercial services (with the exception of youtube/twitch
5. Listen to the clan admins: When they tell you to stop doing something, just stop.
6. Any violation of any of these terms will be discussed with the clan leaders and result in a warning/ban depending on the offense
7. Must be active on websiteand discord not asking every day we know you have a life away from gaming.

 Most of all have fun Order By The Peaky Vipers cool

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