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Fancy Being An Admin...? It Aint Easy.

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The [TpV]  are a democratic community. 
Although we have a "Leader", all day to  day clan management (servers, payments, website etc.) is run by the Admin Team. All members have a say in decisions that effect our community - from new servers to new members. We are a democratic community and everyone has an equal say.
However, the Admin Team run the Clan in the background. We ensure that all servers are kept running, that bills get paid, that fun-wars / matches are scheduled on time and teams are selected. We set the rules and enforce them, effectively ensuring that YOU enjoy yourselves and get what you expect from a gaming community. We make your life easy, or aim to.
The Admin Team is open to anyone should they feel they want to get involved to a greater degree. If you feel that that you can contribute enough to the community to warrant a greater say on how we operate then please let us know. BUT take on board that as an Admin you take responsibility for the members and the servers etc. That means a certain financial contribution to the running of our community. 
As Admins we pick up the bill where donations leave a deficit. We ensure the continued existence of the Clan.
Anyone can request to be an Admin via the Clan Leader or admin application. The application will then be discussed with all Admins. Rejection doesn't mean that YOU have been rejected just that the Admin position you requested didn't warrant another person solely focused on that role. Any decision will be clearly explained. 

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