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Want To Be Part of The "+TsJ+Team"......?

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As Previously Stated the [TpV] The peaky Vipers isn't solely a UK Clan. We recruit from all over the world and have a thriving international community, although the majority of our members are within the EU (simply due to server ping restrictions).

The [TpV] do not dictate a subscription to be a member, however should you wish to donate towards the servers you use then donations are gratefully accepted but not forced or expected.
Any person may request to join as a [TpV] Member - simply just Complete an Application. All Approved recruits will be asked to add the +[tpv]+ tags to there name during any matches we play or servers we join and will be monitored during these games or just during normal play.
Our aim is purely to see whether you "fit in" with the current members. By that we don't mean its a "clique" that you must comply with. Just that you can converse and get along with other members - its that simple. If you're enjoying yourself and others are too then you'll be fine.
To enable a vote to be held for a recruit the recruit must get 2 ADMIN and 2 MEMBER  "sponsors" once these 4 people have approved the vote the vote will be held.
All recruits are then voted in with all members voting. Should the vote fail it is usually due to new members not participating enough and the vote will be postponed. These are carried at random intervals. Integrate yourself quickly enough and you'll be voted in quickly. 
The Trial period is more importantly your chance to assess us. Let us know your thoughts and see if this is where you WANT to come in your spare time. We welcome any and all feedback from new and existing members. 
Once accepted as a member you''ll be asked to take the full [TpV] tags and be expected to uphold our values in ALL games. (see Clan Rules page)

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