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Wanting to join

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Hi and Welcome to the peaky vipers discord 

Wanting to come and join the peaky vipers

Here @ the Pekay Vipers we beleave anyone that wants to play should be giving the chance to You will not be judged based upon your skill level or knowledge of the game.

All we ask that you have a working mic

can be active in discord and on the website we are not asking every day we know you have a life out of gaming always talk english in chat and on the forums. 16+

Clan tags must be on at all times when in any [TpV] Servers and when palying as a team with anyone one in the clan.

So wanting to give us a try out register on our website @ www.tpv-clan.com

and once an admin approves your account you will need to fill in a join us application @  https://tpv-clan.com/index.php?/application/form/1-join-us-application/ 



The Peaky Vipers

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