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  1. Wanderer

    Admin Abuse

    Here at The Pekay Viper we take Admin Abuse on our servers seriously any admin caught abusing there power will be removed from the clan with out warning.
  2. As Previously Stated the [TpV] The peaky Vipers isn't solely a UK Clan. We recruit from all over the world and have a thriving international community, although the majority of our members are within the EU (simply due to server ping restrictions). The [TpV] do not dictate a subscription to be a member, however should you wish to donate towards the servers you use then donations are gratefully accepted but not forced or expected. Any person may request to join as a [TpV] Member - simply just Complete an Application. All Approved recruits will be asked to add the +[tpv]+ tags to there name during any matches we play or servers we join and will be monitored during these games or just during normal play. Our aim is purely to see whether you "fit in" with the current members. By that we don't mean its a "clique" that you must comply with. Just that you can converse and get along with other members - its that simple. If you're enjoying yourself and others are too then you'll be fine. To enable a vote to be held for a recruit the recruit must get 2 ADMIN and 2 MEMBER "sponsors" once these 4 people have approved the vote the vote will be held. All recruits are then voted in with all members voting. Should the vote fail it is usually due to new members not participating enough and the vote will be postponed. These are carried at random intervals. Integrate yourself quickly enough and you'll be voted in quickly. The Trial period is more importantly your chance to assess us. Let us know your thoughts and see if this is where you WANT to come in your spare time. We welcome any and all feedback from new and existing members. Once accepted as a member you''ll be asked to take the full [TpV] tags and be expected to uphold our values in ALL games. (see Clan Rules page)
  3. The [TpV] are a democratic community. Although we have a "Leader", all day to day clan management (servers, payments, website etc.) is run by the Admin Team. All members have a say in decisions that effect our community - from new servers to new members. We are a democratic community and everyone has an equal say. However, the Admin Team run the Clan in the background. We ensure that all servers are kept running, that bills get paid, that fun-wars / matches are scheduled on time and teams are selected. We set the rules and enforce them, effectively ensuring that YOU enjoy yourselves and get what you expect from a gaming community. We make your life easy, or aim to. The Admin Team is open to anyone should they feel they want to get involved to a greater degree. If you feel that that you can contribute enough to the community to warrant a greater say on how we operate then please let us know. BUT take on board that as an Admin you take responsibility for the members and the servers etc. That means a certain financial contribution to the running of our community. As Admins we pick up the bill where donations leave a deficit. We ensure the continued existence of the Clan. Anyone can request to be an Admin via the Clan Leader or admin application. The application will then be discussed with all Admins. Rejection doesn't mean that YOU have been rejected just that the Admin position you requested didn't warrant another person solely focused on that role. Any decision will be clearly explained.
  4. Welcome to The Peaky Vipers clan discord and website Rules. This discord server and website exists to be helpful, fun and allow clan members to find people to play videogames with. In order to ensure this is the case we have established some rules. 1. Age: 18+ 2. This discord and website is english only, you are expected to speak/read english well. 3. Be respectful to other clan members. We are here to have fun, let's treat each other as we want to be treated ourselves. 4. Unwanted topics/actions: - Sexism - Racism - Impersonating members, admins or clan leaders - Flaming/harassment - Encouragement of illegal activity - Excessive trolling/spamming - Using/promoting cheats - Using/promoting spyware or any other forms of harmfull software - Advertising any commercial services (with the exception of youtube/twitch 5. Listen to the clan admins: When they tell you to stop doing something, just stop. 6. Any violation of any of these terms will be discussed with the clan leaders and result in a warning/ban depending on the offense 7. Must be active on websiteand discord not asking every day we know you have a life away from gaming. Most of all have fun Order By The Peaky Vipers
  5. Hello there our website is now active with very basic stuff atm but over the next few week more cool stuff will be added. If you come across anything not working or out of place or want to see something added to the website please post a new topic in here thank you.
  6. if you and you your clan looking for some fun why not fill in a fight us application 1. Click on the link to fill in a fight us application >>>> Fight Us Once you have filled in the application one of our admin team will get back to you.
  7. Hi and Welcome to the peaky vipers discord Wanting to come and join the peaky vipers Here @ the Pekay Vipers we beleave anyone that wants to play should be giving the chance to You will not be judged based upon your skill level or knowledge of the game. All we ask that you have a working mic can be active in discord and on the website we are not asking every day we know you have a life out of gaming always talk english in chat and on the forums. 16+ Clan tags must be on at all times when in any [TpV] Servers and when palying as a team with anyone one in the clan. So wanting to give us a try out register on our website @ www.tpv-clan.com and once an admin approves your account you will need to fill in a join us application @ https://tpv-clan.com/index.php?/application/form/1-join-us-application/ Kind Regards The Peaky Vipers
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